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  Date Speaker Sermon Title        
  08/21/2016 Jack Bracy The Heart of the Matter      
  08/14/2016 Jack Bracy Count the Cost      
  08/07/2016 Jack Bracy The Surrendered Life      
  07/31/2016 Jack Bracy Who's The Boss      
  09/04/2016 Dr. Haynes Love God! Love People!      
  08/28/2016 Dr. Reed Bringing Them to Jesus      
  07/17/2016 Gary Collins To Bear Our Cross      
  07/24/2016 Jack Bracy The Expectation of Grace      
  07/10/2016 Jack Bracy Creating Space For Grace      
  07/03/2016 Jack Bracy Living the GraceLife      
  06/26/2016 Jack Bracy From Scars to Grace      
  06/12/2016 Jack Bracy GraceBasics      
  06/19/2016 Jack Bracy Sermon in the Box (VBS)      
  06/05/2016 Jack Bracy Deep Wounds, Deep Healing      
  05/29/2016 Jack Bracy Free to Forgive and Love      
  05/22/2016 Jack Bracy Instead of Giving up, Try Giving Yourself Away      
  05/15/2016 Jack Bracy It Doesn’t Matter How We Start… It Matters What We Become      
  05/08/2016 Jack Bracy Making My Home Christlike      
  05/01/2016 Jack Bracy Moving Towards Healing      
  04/24/2016 Jack Bracy My Heart, God’s Heart (Pt 2)      
  04/17/2016 Jack Bracy My Heart, God’s Heart (Pt 1)      
  04/10/2016 Jack Bracy The Heart of the Matter      
  04/03/2016 Jack Bracy My Home Christ’s Home?      
  03/27/2016 Jack Bracy To Be Forgiven and to Forgive      
  03/20/2016 Jack Bracy Why the Resurrection?      
  03/13/2016 Jack Bracy The Significance of Easter      
  03/06/2016 Jack Bracy Experiencing Change Through Community      
  02/28/2016 Jack Bracy Staying Alive      
  02/21/2016 Jack Bracy Take The Plunge      
  02/07/2016 Jack Bracy Got Mission?      
  01/31/2016 Jack Bracy Living for Jesus      
  01/17/2016 Jack Bracy Learning to Be Healed      
  01/10/2016 Jack Bracy To Know and Experience God      
  01/03/2016 Jack Bracy Got Purpose?      
  02/14/2016 Gary Collins Prayer – Spiritual Warfare